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Meet Your Dedicated Laser Specialist: Julie Zweifel

Delve deeper into the world of Laser Fresh Aesthetics and meet the heart and soul of our clinic – Julie Zweifel. With a unique blend of seasoned medical experience and an unwavering passion for helping others, Julie stands as a testament to dedication, professionalism, and the drive to empower individuals on their transformative journeys.

From Serving the Nation to Serving You

Julie’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Before stepping into the world of aesthetic laser treatments, she proudly served in the US Coast Guard. Our E-5, Boatswain’s Mate veteran, specialized in Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, and Marine Safety. This foundation of discipline, precision, and service-oriented mindset seamlessly transitioned into her role as a Registered Nurse, where she dedicated nearly a decade assisting in various surgical specialties. From general surgery to orthopedics, vascular, plastics, and more, Julie’s experience in the operating room is vast and diverse.

Specializing as a “Circulating Nurse,” Julie’s role was pivotal in initiating, coordinating, and setting up urgent or emergent cases that demanded immediate attention. This experience instilled in her the skills to work under pressure, ensuring precision and utmost care in every procedure she undertook.

A Pursuit of Excellence in Laser Aesthetics

Julie’s passion for laser aesthetics took her to the renowned “New Look Laser College” in Dallas, TX. There, she added three pivotal certifications to her already impressive repertoire:

  • Certified Laser Specialist (CLS): Mastery in laser techniques to ensure optimal results.
  • Laser Safety Officer (LSO): Ensuring each procedure upholds the highest safety standards.
  • Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Training with Non-Ablative Lasers: Specialized training for the treatment of pigmentation (melasmas, sun-spots, scars), ensuring clients receive the best care possible.

Empowering Transformations, One Session at a Time

At the core of Julie’s mission is her passion for helping individuals gain the confidence to start anew. Whether it’s embarking on a fresh chapter post a tattoo or seeking a rejuvenated appearance, Julie’s expertise ensures that every client’s journey is in the most capable hands.

Step into Laser Fresh Aesthetics and experience firsthand the care, dedication, and expertise that Julie Zweifel brings to every session. Your transformation journey has never been in better hands.

Erasing the past, renewing yourself, revealing the future with Laser Fresh Aesthetics