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A Pioneering Approach to Tattoo Removal

In the realm of tattoo removal, the technology employed makes all the difference. At Laser Fresh Aesthetics, we’ve taken that to heart, investing in the most cutting-edge equipment available: the Astanza Trinity.

Astanza Trinity: Beyond Ordinary

This medical-grade, FDA approved device stands out in the crowded field of tattoo removal technologies. With its dual Q-switched Nd:YAG and ruby laser capabilities, it delivers unparalleled precision and effectiveness.

Why Choose Our Technology?

Laser Fresh Aesthetics sets a new standard in tattoo removal in Santa Rosa. The Astanza Trinity is the cornerstone of their advanced approach, designed to cater to clients of all skin types and remove tattoos of any color with remarkable precision.

The Astanza Trinity’s distinguishing feature is its triple-wavelength versatility, with 1064 nm, 532 nm, and 694 nm laser beams that target a broad spectrum of tattoo pigments. This innovative technology is adept at removing even the most stubborn ink shades, making it the go-to choice for those looking to erase or modify their tattoos. The Astanza Trinity removes ink particles without causing harm to the surrounding skin tissue, resulting in a safe and pain-free experience for clients.


Three Distinct Wavelengths:

1064 nm: Deeply penetrates the skin, ideal for breaking down darker tattoo inks like black, brown, and dark blue.

532 nm: Optimally designed to eliminate warmer ink hues such as red, orange, and yellow.

694 nm (Ruby Wavelength): Targets unique or challenging colors like green and blue, ensuring comprehensive tattoo removal.

Versatility Meets Efficacy

The Astanza Trinity’s broad spectrum of ink color targeting ensures it’s suited for all tattoos, no matter how vibrant, muted, or intricate. Furthermore, its design allows safe treatments on all skin types, making inclusivity one of its prime features.

Distinctive Features

Erasing the past, renewing yourself, revealing the future with Laser Fresh Aesthetics